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ERH Program and Policy


Overview Steps for
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revised 7/12/2013

Any pre-registered employee of a Charles River Transportation Management Association (CRTMA) member employer that uses public transportation, carpools, vanpools, bikes or walks to work at least three (3)  days per week. The three days may be achieved through any combination of the above alternative commuting modes.

Employees must pre-register with CRTMA via on-line form, fax, or mail-in form prior to requesting a ride. Registration form s must be turned in to CRTMA, which will then distribute the orientation packet and taxi voucher via US Mail.

Use of Program
Use of the program is limited to those who cannot travel home by their usual means due to any of the following circumstances:

  • Illness or severe crisis of the participant or of a family member.
  • Stranded at work because the driver of carpool or vanpool had to leave because of an emergency.*, **
  • If you have a non-routine work demand that: **
  • could not have been anticipated before departure for work that day;
  • is required by a supervisor;
  • causes you to work overtime so that you cannot commute by your normal means.

*In the case of a vanpool driver emergency, the driver receives the emergency ride home and a designated alternate drives all remaining vanpoolers home at the regularly scheduled time.

**Use is permitted when the normal commute mode would cause delays greater than one (1) hour.
Unauthorized use or abuse of th e program may result in loss of privileges. CRTMA may charge employee the cost of any unauthorized use or abuse of the program. Unauthorized use includes but is not limited to personal errands, pre-planned appointments, business travel, mass transit delays or disruptions, and weather related events.

Participants in the Emergency Ride Home Program may obtain a ride one (1) time per month up to six (6) times per year.

How to Register

  1. Read through the Program and Policy information (this page).
  2. Read and Sign the Terms and Conditions for Employee Participation and Release of Liability document.
  3. Completely fill out the Registration Form.
    Please include any mail codes at your worksite. Program materials are mailed to your work address. MIT Employees – please include your campus mail address.
  4. Return the Terms and Conditions for Employee Participation and Release of Liability and Registration Form to CRTMA by fax or mail. Contact info is below.

Procedure for Use

Eligible employees must pre-register for the program.

  1. When the need for service arises, call the cab company on your voucher directly for taxi service. Please do not call CRTMA for service reservations. Cab company numbers are listed at the bottom of this page, and are listed on the cab voucher. Please remember to call the company listed on the voucher you have – CRTMA uses two cab companies, so you may not always receive vouchers from the same company.
  2. When using taxi service, please fill out voucher fully and completely, and then hand it to the driver to complete. Take your receipt (left side of voucher forms). You may include a tip for good service, but it may not exceed 20% of fare.
  3. Following use of the program, you must fill out and return a Confirmation Report AND a copy of voucher receipt stub to CRTMA within 5 business days. CRTMA cannot issue your next voucher until these completed documents have been received.

Important Numbers
For service, please make sure to use the cab company that is listed on your voucher!

Ambassador-Brattle Cab Company

Charles River TMA
fax 617-588-0610

Mailing Address:
Charles River TMA
PO Box 425255
Cambridge, MA 02142

We have moved and can no longer receive MIT interdepartmental mail. Please use the mailing address above or email or fax.