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Emergency Ride Home


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Emergency Ride Home...anticipating the unexpected!

ERH is available to employees of the following companies. To begin the enrollment process, please select your employer or office complex from the list below:



Akamai at Cambridge Center

Biogen  Cambridge locations only
(Note for Biogen Employees)

City of Cambridge

Draper Laboratory

Microsoft New England Research & Development Center

MIT Available to all full-time MIT employees on the main campus

Novartis All Cambridge locations

Pfizer All Cambridge locations

Schlumberger-Doll Research

Technology Square All Employers

University Park*

US DOT/Volpe Transportation Systems Center

VMware at Cambridge Center

*All employers except Millennium Pharmaceuticals. MLNM employees are provided with an ERH program in-house.

Many commuters like the idea of using public transportation or ridesharing, but are afraid of being stranded during an emergency. These concerns are addressed by the Charles River Transportation Management Association's (TMA) Emergency Ride Home (ERH) program.

When you register for the ERH and use an alternative mode to get to work, you'll have a ride available in an emergency.

Who can use it?

Any pre-registered member-company employee that uses public transportation, carpools, vanpools, bikes, or walks to work at least three days per week may use the program.

When can I use it?

Use of the program is limited to those who cannot travel home by their usual alternative mode due to any of the following circumstances:

  • Personal Illness or Emergency

  • Family Illness or Emergency

  • Unscheduled/Unplanned Overtime

When does the ERH not apply?

The ERH does not apply to the following conditions:

  • Weather delays or emergencies

  • MBTA or other transit delays or disruptions

  • Construction disruption to normal commuting

For More Information:
Email Us, or call (857) 285-6522.

Charles River TMA
P.O. Box 425255
Cambridge, MA 02142
Ph: (857) 285-6522
Fax: (617) 588-0610