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"What is a TMA?"

A transportation management association (TMA) is a membership based, generally nonprofit association of business, institutions & municipalities that are joined together for the purpose of providing and promoting transportation options for commuters that reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality. CRTMA aims to benefit members through the following: 

  • Corporate Transportation Policy Analysis
    CRTMA will review current policies, assist in developing goals, and design programs to meet those goals.
  • Monitor Government Policy
    The CRTMA follows local, state and federal transportation issues, and keeps you posted on developments that effect your business.
  • Emergency Ride Home
    Employees who have chosen not to drive alone to work may need to get somewhere urgently. ERH provides a cab ride home for eligible employees who face a personal emergency or unexpected overtime, when they are using an alternative commute at least three days per week.
  • Carpool and Vanpool Ridematching
    CRTMA provides an area-wide ridematching service through various service providers, helping to develop carpools and vanpools.
  • Information Resource
    CRTMA facilitates the development of kiosks or bulletin boards to provide employees with relevant information that affects their commuting choices. This may include Corporate Policies, CRTMA programs, MBTA information and schedules, Current Events, Information from agencies and other pertinent data.
  • Marketing
    Rational choice requires good information. CRTMA will spread the word about existing programs and costs of commuting to encourage employees to reexamine commuting choices.
  • Targeted Incentives
    CRTMA develops incentive programs to encourage mode change from single occupant vehicles and continued use of public transportation or ridesharing.
  • Employer Transportation Advisor Program
    CRTMA will train a designated employee to provide on-site transportation assistance and information.
  • Pedestrian and Bicycle Incentives
    We will work with you to develop internal policies and programs to foster safe bicycling and pedestrian access to your business.
  • Transportation Program Management
    CRTMA can help plan and manage your transportation programs and benefits for your employees.
  • Regulatory Compliance
    We can assist in navigating and understanding transportation and commuting regulations for Cambridge businesses.