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Charles River TMA Members



Avalon Bay NorthPoint and Lofts*


Biomed Realty Trust*
270 Albany Street*
320 Bent Street*
301 Binney Street*
Kendall Square Corp*(500 Kendall St., 650 East Kendall St., 675 West Kendall St.)
Sidney Research Campus* (Includes 270 Albany St., 21 & 40 Erie St., 200 Sidney St., & 130 Waverley St.)
One Two Three Cambridge Place 

Boston Properties/Kendall Center*

Cambridgeside Galleria*

City of Cambridge*

Draper Laboratory*

Equity Residential/Third Square

Forest City Enterprises/University Park at MIT*


The Kendall Hotel

Massachusetts Institute of Technology*

MITIMCo / Colliers
17 Tudor Street*
130 Brookline Street*
610/700 Main Street / Osborn Triangle*

Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research*

One & Two Charles Park*


Regatta Riverview Residences*


Two Canal Park*

US Dept. of Transportation/Volpe
National Transportation Systems Center

Participating EZRide member institutions offer their employees free shuttle access with valid pass or identification. Affiliates of our other members may ride EZRide Shuttle by paying the cash fare or purchasing ticket books.  

Please note: Not all CRTMA Members offer free access to EZRide Shuttle. Only those members which are indicated in green and with an asterix (*) offer free access to EZRide Shuttle to their employees and affiliates.