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Connecting Cambridgeport, Kendall Square and East Cambridge to Boston's North Station

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Route Map & Stop Guide


Morning/Evening Route 

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North Station: Click here for map of exact stop location.

Use Nashua St (Northwest) Entrance/Exit from North Station/TD GardenConnect to: MBTA Green Line and Orange Line | MBTA Commuter Rail: Fitchburg, Lowell, Haverhill, Newburyport, and Rockport Lines | MBTA Bus 4 | Amtrak Downeaster Service to Maine

Museum Way:  at 1 Education St. (Outbound), 17 Museum Way (Inbound)
NorthPoint: NorthPoint Blvd. at Leighton St.
Lechmere: First St. at Otis St.
Connect to: MBTA Green Line | MBTA Buses 69, 80, 87, 88
First Street: First St. at Charles St.

Second Street/Third Street: Binney St. at Second St. (Outbound), Binney St. at Third St. (Inbound)

Sixth Street: Binney St. at Sixth St.
Broadway/Galileo Way: 150 Broadway (Outbound), 105 Broadway (Inbound)

Ames Street/Main Street (replaces Kendall Square stop): On Ames St. south of Main St. (click for detailed map -- PDF Format)
Connect to: MBTA Red Line
MBTA Buses CT2, 64, 68, 85

Ames Street/Amherst Street: on Ames St. south of Amherst

Mass Ave/MIT: at 77 Mass Ave

Mass Ave/Albany St: Mass Ave at Albany St. (Outbound AM), 60 Albany St. (Inbound PM)
Landsdowne/Mass Ave: Landsdowne St. at Green St. (Outbound AM, Inbound PM)
Landsdowne/University Park: Landsdowne St. between Franklin and Pilgrim Streets (Outbound AM, Inbound PM)MBTA Buses 64, 70, 70A
Pacific St: Pacific St. at Landsdowne St. - MIT Sidney Pacific Residence
Erie St : Erie St. at Sidney St.
Cambridgeport: Brookline St. at Erie St. | MBTA Bus 47
Pacific St./Albany St. On Pacific St. at Albany St. - MIT Ashdown House and Warehouse
Albany St./Edgerton House: at 143 Albany St.
Vassar St./Mass. Ave. MBTA stop on Vassar | MBTA Buses 1, CT1, CT2
Main St./Vassar St: at 500 Main St.


Note: When two streets are listed for stop location, the first street name is the street the bus travels on; the second street is the cross street at which the stop is located.

North Station Stop Location (eff. Sept. 8, 2014) (Click to enlarge)

Kendall Square Area Stop Locations (Click to enlarge)


Midday Route

Click map to enlarge

Service operates as a continuous loop starting at corner of Ames and Main.

Ames Street/Main Street (replaces Kendall Square stop): On Ames St. south of Main St. (click for detailed map -- PDF Format)

 Connect to: MBTA Red Line MBTA Buses CT2, 64, 68, 85,

Ames St./Amherst St. (replaces Sloan stop) On Ames St. at Amherst St. 

Massachusetts Avenue 77 Massachuestts Ave.
MBTA Bus: 1, CT1 

Landsdowne/Green St. Landsdowne at Green St.

Pacific St./Albany St. On Pacific St. at Albany St. MIT Ashdown House and Warehouse
Residences. Note that while not shown on the map, midday service does serve this stop.
Albany St. - Edgerton House On Albany St. at MIT Edgerton House (143 Albany St.)
Vassar St./Mass. Ave. On Vassar St. at Mass. Ave. MBTA Buses 1, CT1, CT2
Vassar St. - Stata Center On Vassar St. near Main St.

500 Main St. MIT Bldg 76 (replaces Kendall Square stop)


For More Information:
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Shuttles are owned and operated, under contract to
Charles River Transportation Management Association, Inc., by:
Paul Revere Transportation, LLC
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