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Are you ready to try an alternative commute, but worried about getting stuck in an emergency?

The Emergency Ride Home (ERH) Program eliminates the uncertainty of using an alternative commute. Should an emergency change your travel plans, the ERH can ensure that you are not stranded at work.

If you are an employee of a participating Charles River TMA member, you can register in the Emergency Ride Home program below. Not sure if your employer participates? Contact us to find out.

(Companies participating in ERH are listed on the ERH Program Overview page.)

Ready to sign up?

FIRST: Read the Program and Policy section.

REGISTER HERE: To complete your registration, please fill out this Registration Form. You must read and agree to the “Terms and Conditions for Employee Participation and Release of Liability” on the Registration form in order to complete your registration.


Be sure to read the program and policy document carefully for information on qualifying uses and limits.

The Confirmation Report, which must be filled out following any use of the program, is available here.

To make changes to your addresses or other information, please email the CRTMA. Always be sure to provide us with a full and accurate work mailing address so that we can send program materials to you.

If you are unable to register online, you may register by paper: Print out and complete the REGISTRATION FORM and TERMS AND CONDITIONS. Return both forms to Charles River TMA by mail or fax (see below). Please note that this method of registration may result in a processing delay.

You must register with Charles River TMA prior to using the program. Once Charles River TMA has received and processed the completed registration forms, an orientation package will be sent to you with a taxi voucher and program information. Please note that registration may take up to three weeks.

For More Information:
Email Us, or call (617)324-6118.

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P.O. Box 425255
Cambridge, MA 02142
Ph: 617.324.6118
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